Outline World Map Images

Outline World Map Painting Tool

Using this tool you can change the colors of the land, water and/or border areas on the black-white-transparent outline world map images.

These painting changes are royalty free, but there can be restrictions (limits) by the changes.
This means, that a limited amount X map images can be changed every day and Y map images every month by every IP Address. See the current limits below!

Instructions for using the outline world map painting tool
Instructions about world map images

* The map image below is the outline world map image, which is at the moment chosen for painting (for replacing the gray scale colors with other colors).
* There can be changed the colors of land, water and/or border areas.
* You can change the color on an image on the areas, which already have a solid color (to replace the transparent areas with a color is not possible).
* If you like to paint areas, which are transparent on the currently chosen map image, then please choose another image, on which these areas are filled with a solid color.

Instructions about color choosing

* The values of the color fields must be hexadecimal color codes in the form #RRGGBB,
where RR is a two-digit hexadecimal red value,
GG is a two-digit hexadecimal green value,
BB is a two-digit hexadecimal blue value.
* The hexadecimal values can be prepared using following characters:
#, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, a, b, c, d, e, f, A, B, C, D, E, F
* The colors can be also prepared as follows:
1) firstly by clicking on the color field, which you like to change, by making so this color active;
2) if the appropriate color field is made active, then by moving with your mouse the tiny circles on the color palette areas (corresponding hexadecimal values will change then automatically).

Currently chosen world map for painting
The currently chosen image has following properties:
* Identifying code of the image is b9b
* Land color is gray
* Water color is white
* Outline thickness is medium

The place of the chosen world map image for painting.

Choose another map for painting

TypeId code of mapColor of land areasColor of water areasThickness of outlinesChoose map

Choose the new colors for painting

Limits by using the painting tool
The limits are at the moment per every IP address as follows:
* 10 map images can be changed every day. This means, that the images painted in the last 24 hours will be taken into account for this limit.
* 50 map images can be changed every month. This means, that the images painted in the last 30 days will be taken into account for this limit.
* The painted image is existing after painting in the server 10 minutes for viewing, saving and/or printing.

0 world map images are painted from your IP address in the last 24 hours.
0 world map images are painted from your IP address in the last 30 days.

Please, enter the security code from the next image to the field after this image to ensure, that you are a real person!
The place of security code image - you must have images turned on in your browser in order to use this tool!
Security code: