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Terms of use of the website

You are free to use the website www.outline-world-map.com (henceforth Website), as long as you agree with the following terms. If you don't agree with or don't understand any of these terms, then don't use the Website.
The terms include following subsections:
General terms of the Website
License of using the world map images
Privacy and Cookies Policy

1. General terms of the Website

1.1. The administrator and copyright holder of the Website is Adeenas OÜ (henceforth Company) registered in Estonia.
1.2. By using the Website you agree, that the Website is updated and administered following the law in Estonia.
1.3. People who are located in any country are free to use the Website as long as they agree, that
1) the requirements for the Website must not be something else, than requires the law in Estonia;
2) any possible dispute with the Company will be solved according to law in Estonia.

2. License of using the world map images

2.1. All the world map images on the Website can be used royalty free for any legal purposes under following few restrictions.

2.2. The restrictions by using the map images are:

2.2.1. By using the map images, got from the Website, there should be a reference to the domain name www.outline-world-map.com (see article 2.2.2) or this reference is not needed, if the user will change this map enough (see article 2.2.3).

2.2.2. The reference must be either on the visible shape, like it is by default on the map images on the Website outline-world-map.com (if you don't remove or change the default text on the images, then this reference condition is fulfilled);
or it can be a working visible html link on the website, on which the map images are used (the default reference can be erased from the map image in this case).

2.2.3. By "enough changing" on an outline world map image we mean, that the color of all the land areas should be changed and/or the color of all the water areas should be changed and these changes should be made in this case not with the world map painting tool(s) which are available on the outline-world-map.com Website.

2.2.4. Permission is granted also to enlarge the map images got form the Website www.outline-world-map.com for printing or for other purposes, if there will be a readable text "www.outline-world-map.com" on these images after enlarging and/or printing.
If you don't remove the default text and don't make it unreadable on the images, then this text condition is fulfilled.

3. Privacy and Cookies Policy

By using this Website, you consent and agree with following Privacy and Cookies Policy.

We value your privacy and we will do everything possible to keep your information private.
The Website uses Google Analytics and Google AdSense services to analyze traffic, cover expenses and improve the Website. Using these services Google collects some information through our Website (see below for more details). Otherwise we do not share personal information, which we collect from our visitors with any third parties unless it is required by law.

When you visit/use our Website, the pages that you look at, a short text file called a cookie, is downloaded to your computer. A cookie is used to store small amounts of information. The cookie does not contain personal details. Such cookies may be needed to make this Website work correctly.
We may collect some data (for example IP addresses, Website using times, browser information) because of following reasons: It helps us understand customer interests and helps us improve our Website; It may be needed to make some Website functionality to work correctly; It may be collected and used because of law requirements and regulations as evidence of your using of the Website (aka as evidence of your consent of the terms). We may need to collect various personal data (for example names, contact details) if you contact us or if we contact you depending on your reason of contacting us.

If you wish to opt-out the use of cookies, then depending on the browser that you use, you can set your preferences to block/ refuse cookies, and/ or notify you before they are placed or delete/ clear existing cookies. For more information look your browser manuals. Because of law and regulation requirements we can not delete by your request such already collected data, which is needed as evidence of your consent (for example as evidence of using the Website) or as evidence of our communication.
We will not keep any of your personal data longer than we need to, how long this is depends on several factors, including: Why we collected it in the first place; How old it is; Whether there is a legal/regulatory reason for us to keep it; Whether we need it to protect you or us.

Following link explains what information Google collects through other websites (such as this Website) using its Analytics and AdSense services, how it uses such data, how you can control it, etc.:

4. Disclaimer

Although the Company is doing its best to offer updated accurate world map images and Website, the Company takes no responsibility, if there are inaccurate or outdated map images or other digital information on the Website.
The Company is not responsible, how and for what purposes the visitors of this Website will use or are using the images, which they got from this Website.

If you wish to contact us (Link about Company details), then use following link: Link to contact us.

We may update the terms on this page from time to time and if you are a regular visitor, then it is suggested, that you visit this page every now and then.
Last change of terms was on 27th May 2018, when subsection "Privacy and Cookies Policy" was edited.
Subsections "General terms of the Website", "License of using the world map images", "Disclaimer" have not been edited for years.