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Groups of world maps

Table 1. Groups of world map images and the abbreviations of group names

Group names with links Group name abbreviations
Blank world map images with solid colors Blank solid
Blank maps of the world with transparent areas Blank with transparent
Political world maps Political
World maps with only solid white areas Solid white
World maps with solid gray and white areas Gray-white
World maps with only transparent areas Only transparent
World maps with solid white color and transparent areas White-transparent

Table 2. Relations between world map images and their groups

Outline world map images with links Group name abbreviations and world map relations
  Blank solid Blank with transparent Political Solid white Gray-white Only transparent White-transparent
Transparent blank thin world map - b1a   x       x  
Outline transparent world map - b1b   x       x  
Blank transparent thick world map - b1c   x       x  
Blank white-transparent world map - b2a   x         x
White-transparent outline world map - b2b   x         x
Blank world map with white areas - b3a x     x      
Outline white world map - b3b x     x      
Blank thick white world map - b3c x     x      
Political transparent world map - b4a     x     x  
White-transparent political world map - b5a     x       x
Political white world map - b6a     x x      
Transparent-white blank world map - b7a   x         x
Outline transparent-white world map - b7b   x         x
Political transparent-white world map - b8a     x       x
Blank gray-white world map - b9a x       x    
Outline gray-white world map - b9b x       x    
Political outline world map - b10a     x   x    


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